Origami Cupcake Birthday Card

For this birthday card, we decided to upcycle the sentiment “There’s Joy In Her Laughter” from a never-used card. We think this card looks interesting because of the origami cupcake. I think it’s the first time we used origami in our card making adventures. Consider this a first draft. Anyways, you can find so manyContinue reading “Origami Cupcake Birthday Card”

Weekend Card Making Adventures: All Occasion Cards, Thank You Cards and Upcycling

It’s a free Saturday afternoon so let’s craft because… well, do we really need a reason? Here are some of our creations from a few weekends ago. This “Thank You” card was made using a blank cardboard/chipboard card. We glued burlap to the card and then added a sparkly banner as our background. We foundContinue reading “Weekend Card Making Adventures: All Occasion Cards, Thank You Cards and Upcycling”

Different Thank You Cards

Do you love receiving personalized “Thank You” cards? We love making them! Here are photos of cards we made for coworkers. It was part of a larger project in which Angie added a box of goodies for the team. This box contained a succulent plant, some snacks and some small gifts. We completed the cardsContinue reading “Different Thank You Cards”

Layering Paper Hearts

Hearts bring joy to any homemade card. Made with love, always! Try layering different textures of paper hearts to create an impact. Here is an example that Liz made. She used a heart paper punch and made hearts from different scraps of paper. If you don’t have a punch, simply cut out symmetrical hearts fromContinue reading “Layering Paper Hearts”

Upcycled Unicorn Birthday Card

You can upcycle old cards, gift bags, or paper and create a homemade card. Here is an upcycled card by Angie. We found an old giftbag that had the words in gold, “You Are Magical!” on it with a unicorn image printed on it. She cut out and glued the phrase on the front ofContinue reading “Upcycled Unicorn Birthday Card”