A Heart and Crown Birthday Card

Card with glittered paper, crown, and gemstones.

A card made for a little princess in your life.

Pineapple glittered card stock paper.

This card was made using a glittered pineapple 4X6 card stock paper as the primary background. The crown was make using a golden snowflake punch-out cut in half. We settled on a foam green textured circle to center the fuchsia glittered paper heart. We added rosy gemstones for an added pop of bling. Go bling or go home!

White ink Happy Birthday sentiment. Glittered golden punch out flowers.

We decided to use a white ink “Happy Birthday” sentiment surrounded by golden glitter punch-out flowers to carry texture and sparkle to the inside the card. We sent this card out before her birthday and it helped make this little princess’s day. If you are thinking of giving a card to your daughter or a special girl between the ages of 4 and 8 years, this is a perfect card to send. Who knows, this may inspire her to send you a home-made card back! Tell us what you think.

A Silhouette of Lavender Flowers For You

Silhouette of Lavender Flowers  Homemade Card

This post is an ode to Lavender. Calming and relaxing. And even more fragrant when dried. So let’s capture a little piece of lavender today. Here, we combine two techniques on a card:

  • Crafting a paper silhouette of a lavender bouquet
  • Adding a dyed background
Dried lavender next to a paper lavender

For many months now, we had been keeping a small bouquet of dried lavender which was given as a gift. Both of us love the scent of lavender. And in this world that can seem so fast-paced sometimes, this flower is a call to relax and find calm. So whenever we are in its presence, we smile and breathe a little easier in its slight fragrance. Today, it is our muse for our homemade card.

Crafting the lavender bouquet also brought us that same presence. We’ve learned that paper crafting requires time and attention. It’s a great way to stay mindful. Here we used a small snowflake paper punch. Yes, who knew? You can punch black snowflakes and then just cut off the tips. The tips look like small little flowers. Next, we cut small thin strips of black construction paper. Using a toothpick we carefully picked up and glued pieces of our snowflake tips to our stems. Tip: Aleene’s tacky glue seemed to be the perfect product for glue here because it dries clear and does not leave as much residue as a regular Elmer’s glue. The result? A dainty and beautiful siloutette replica of a lavender bouquet.

For our background today, we used dried paper towels that were dyed with Easter egg dye. We had these in our stash for a while. Since spring, really! In fact, Liz’s son used so many colorful dyes for his easter eggs that she didn’t want to waste all that color. So we decided to use the leftover dye to soak paper towel sheets. We let it air dry outside. For that week, we had a string of beautiful and colorful flags on our balcony.

Fast forward to another day of crafting. We chose a paper towel with blue, greens and yellows all blended throughout. We did not want to use a purple background, but something contrasting to our silhouette. We then cut the edges so that it fit a small off-white cardstock. Attaching a colorful and thin layer to a lighter background will help it “pop” and stand out since the greeting card we used today was an A6 size brown card.

Using our now trusty Aleen’s Tacky Glue, we dotted around the edges and added some light glue lines to the middle. We used a nylon paint brush to thin spread the glue to avoid bumps or rips when we laid the delicate paper down.

Next, we stamped a “Thinking of You” sentiment on some mellow blue striped paper. We bought this at a Michael’s store a month or two ago. I think it was part of a Recollections set. Anyways, we do not yet have an embosser or die cutting machine (Yes, hopefully one day!) We just hacked our way by taping our metal die to a decorative paper and firmly pressing around the edges of it with a stone. We got it done in less than 10 minutes (And….. we decided that we just may wait until we get a die cutting machine next time, haha!)

Next, we arranged our silhouette of lavender behind our sentiment. We glued the sentiment down in the center of the card. We did, however, temporarily leave the edges unglued. Next, we glued down the arrangement. For a few stalks, we let the lavender tips slightly fall past the edge of our colorful background to just give it a feel of three dimension–as if the bouquet was growing beyond the card.

To add a little more interest and shine to the card, we added some dual-tone iridescent confetti in blue, yellow and sea green.

Silhouette of Lavender Flowers  Homemade Card

Before we just end this post, we wanted to share a few more design ideas we had for this homemade card. At first, we wanted to use the confetti to make a beautiful yellow sun. The idea was to place the sentiment at the bottom of the design and have the sun’s rays look like they are reaching into the lavender bouquet.

The second option was to add sea-green confetti dots behind the sentiment just to add a little sparkle and interest to the card. We think both of these alternative options may have also been a good choice.

In the end, we chose what we chose. And such is the life of a homemade cardmaker. Sometimes cards are not pre-planned. The design comes to you in the last minute and that is okay for today. That is the beauty of it all.

Silhouette of Lavender Flowers  Homemade Card

Now, after all that crafting, we are now ready to have some chamomile lavender tea and biscuits! Who’s with us on that?

Have you used silhouettes in your homemade cards? Let us know.

Exhibit on a Card: How We Made This Abstract Art Piece

Our abstract card made from cardstock, patterned paper, scrapbook paper and other beautiful paper.

All that pretty paper, and nowhere to go? That’s exactly the sentiment we had last weekend when we pulled out our craft stash. Indeed, after months of crafting, we found ourselves with bountiful bags and bits of beautiful paper scraps. In various sizes, no less. Every crafter’s dilemma. That’s when the idea hit: let’s find a way to make something with this growing pile! Let’s see where are crafty brains take us.

Sorting through our paper scrap stash, we found cardstock, pieces of glitter paper, cutouts of scrapbook paper, and patterns from old calendar planners and inserts. One by one, we randomly (or not so randomly) pulled out various red, navy, black and patterned themes. The crafting brain wants what it wants, okay? 🙂

Next, we used scissors and a small paper cutter to trim the various papers into triangles, both slim and wide. Having a paper cutter is handy because you can get really straight edges. And it’s quick.

This image shows how we assembled the abstract art card.  We cut various triangles out and starting fitting pieces together.

Starting on one corner, we slowly built our abstract art card by first choosing some larger triangle pieces that fit together like a puzzle. We glued these pieces to an off-white cardstock which was cut a bit smaller than the typical A6 size.

We continued to mix in other sizes and strips. One by one, we glued various patterns side by side: polka dots, stripes, flowered patterns, geometric patterns, and even textured glitter paper.

We used various patterned paper and placed it around the card, trying to fit the triangles together.

As we continued to make our way toward the center of the card, we realized we needed to cut smaller triangles to fill in any gaps. And when we were stuck trying to decide what pattern should be next, we just worked on filling in the opposite corners. We snipped off any paper that did not fit within the size of the card.

Here we tried to fill in the gaps by cutting smaller triangles to fit in between larger triangles of our abstract art card.

Using scissors, we continued to cut smaller triangles to fill in any gaps. This was probably the most challenging part of this project. There were so many angles to consider (and this was not geometry math class!) Anyway, we filled in as many gaps with smaller pieces and did our best to minimize any overlapping due to oddly shaped gaps. Eventually, we were able to complete it. And yes, it took longer than expected. But one can get lost in the world of crafting homemade cards when the brain is in the state of “flow”. A good meal was to be had after this!

We wanted to mention that we used foam tape to the back of the piece and affixed it to a blank kraft card ( A6 size). This gave the card added dimension. We wanted this piece of art to slightly “pop” out on the front of the card.

Below is the final look. Our first homemade abstract art card. We had a fun time putting this together and enjoyed sorting through and picking out paper. Every now and then, a card does not need to always be planned out. Art can unfold as the artist sees fit!

The final look to our homemade abstract art card.  It took a lot of time to assemble the triangles but the effort paid off.

Upon further reflection, this card made us think of gift cards you pick up in museums. You know, the cards that show pictures of certain exhibits. An impressionist painting. Or a sculpture. In this case, the recipient will receive an actual one-of-a-kind piece. We love that! It’s the perfect card for writing a quick note to someone “just because” or to say “thank you”.

Do you have any beautiful paper lying around? Maybe it’s the envelope from a mailer, or inserts from an old but cute planner. Maybe it’s part of a stationary set that you need a reason to use. Take a look at your collection. Upcycle and create some abstract art to send to a friend (or keep and frame!)

The “Be Brave” Princess Card

Princess Card Homemade

“Creativity takes courage.” – Henri Matisse. Be brave!

This “Be Brave”” princess card is a dainty gift we mailed to one of our nieces. This niece of ours loves painting, drawing and other forms of mixed media art. We thought it was fitting that we honor that spirit. We also duplicated the working parts of this card and included it in our mailing so she could reproduce the princess at home.

For this homemade card, we used various paper punches, scrapbook paper and card stock paper. All the working parts of the princess was layered and glue together. We used a blank 5×7 greeting card for this project.

Our first step was to sketch the princess. Should we use a crown? A bow? How flowy should the dress be? Sometimes drawing a draft or a layout helps!

Creativity Takes courage quote by Henri Matisse
An example of text and sentiments we wanted to include inside or outside the card.

Next, we gathered our supplies. We used various sizes of circle punches and a snowflake punch to make a crown.

To make a princess’ crown or tiara, punch out a snowflake out of silver or gold paper. Cut it in half so your crown or tiara has three points. Voilà ! Une couronne! (“A crown!”)

Paper punch supplies for princess card project

Next, we put the princess together. Our princess was made using various sized circles:

Dress and petticoat: Use two different colors of paper. Choose which color will be the petticoat and which color will be the top dress layer. Next, cut or punch out 2 large circles. I believe our circles were approximately 3 inches in diameter. If you do not have a paper punch or stencil, find a circular object in your home to trace. To finish the dresses, cut the bottoms off in a straight line. You can now decorate the top layer of the dress with tiny flowers, gemstones, etc. Or, you can draw on any design you wish!

Bodice or torso: Next, we made the princesse’s torso by punching out a smaller 1 inch circle Again, if you do not have a paper punch or stencil, use whatever you have at home to trace. To finish, cut off the top of the circle in a straight line. See our pictures for reference.

Neck: Now your princess needs a neck! Cut out a 1 inch circle. Next, cut the top of the circle in a straight line. Hold the circle so that the rounded part is at the bottom. Starting with the left side, slightly cut into the circle, rounding in and tapering off at the top of the neck. Then repeat on the right side. Please refer to the photos for a better visual.

Arms. For the arms, cut 2 rounded crescent moons. Or, cut or punch out a 1 inch circle. Then slightly cut out crescent shapes. Or use the circle punch to “clip” off sections of the circle. The result are crescent moon shapes! We used the same technique to create fur for our Bruno the Dog Card.

Face. For the face, cut or punch out a 1 inch circle.

Hair. Cut out a hairstyle of your choice. You can have short hair. Or cut out small circles to make hair buns. We decided to go with a medium-length hairstyle and bangs. We cut out a rectangle from black paper and rounded out the top. Next, we cut a small slit so you can insert the face into that opening. Cutting a small slit in the paper is optional. We did this so that our princess had bangs.

Now, for the fun part! Time to put the princess together. Please refer to our photos for a visual on how to put this card together.

This is the steps required to make the paper princess card
Once you have cut out all the parts, it is time to put the princess card together!

First, start by layering the dresses and gluing the dresses together.

Second, glue the bodice behind the dress.

Third, glue the neck on top part of the bodice.

Fourth, take the princess’ face and glue the center of the face it to your hairstyle. Do not glue the sides of the face to the hair. We need unglued spaces to attach the face to the neck and for earrings.

Assembling the rest of the "be brave" paper princess card

Fifth, with your hairstyle in place, glue the face so it sits slightly on top the neck.

Sixth, glue the top part of the arms behind the princess. Make sure her hands are laying gracefully on top of the dress.

Adding the earring to the paper princess card

Next, add some earrings to our princess. We used teardrop-shape earrings and glued it slightly behind her face (where ears are supposed to be). You can cut out dots or make your own. We used teardrop scraps that were leftovers from the snowflake used to make the crown/tiara.

Now it is time to crown our darling princess! Slowly and royally add the crown/tiara to the princess.

Here we are adding a glittery silver crown to the paper princess.  She also has her glittery earrings on.
Adding small snowflake paper punches to decorate the paper princess dress.

The above photo is a closeup of the princess’ dress. We used tiny snowflakes as “flowers” for the dress. This can definitely become a winter princess card!

Adding the attributes of the face for the princess card.

Finally, add some features to the princess’ face. We added a red heart as lips. Then we added lashes to her eyes. Isn’t she cheerful?

We sorted through our craft bin and found a “Be Brave” sentiment on scrapbook paper. We decided to glue it to the princess card so she can offer encouragement to anyone who receives this card. Finally, we glued the princess to patterned scrap book paper before gluing the entire paper image to front of the 5×7 card.

The final results of our "be brave" princess card made from paper.  She seeks to encourage the recipient of the card to be brave!

We hope you enjoyed this short description of how we made this encouragement card.

Go forth and be brave. Create and send a card!

A Tale of Two Bridal Shower Cards: Part 1 (The Origami Dress)

“Learn to bend and not break” is advice from Married for Life: Inspirations from those married for 50 years or more published by Hallmark. Liz picked up the book from a local CVS store more than 5 years ago. And this past weekend, we put the book to good use when we made this this pink and gold iridescent bridal shower card.

On Saturday, a colleague of ours was having a “drive through” bridal party. COVID-19 has definitely made it an interesting time for those who are engaged and getting married. But love seems to survive it all, pandemic or not. The human need for community and celebration just doesn’t stop. It just gets creative.

So for this card project, we wanted stick to a pink theme. The bride-to-be’s shower invitation included airy, feminine and pink icons and colors. How can we make this card also feminine and memorable?

If you are interested in making this, all you would need is:

  1. Origami paper
  2. Marriage advice (search the internet or scriptures on love)
  3. Crafting Glue
  4. Foam adhesives
  5. A 5×7 card
  6. White or cream paper to print the marriage advice on

The first thing we did was open up the Hallmark book, Married for Life: Inspirations from those married for 50 years or more. We loved the advice from this book. It included both scripture from the bible but also your practical daily tips oh how to live and love your spouse.

When one is about to get married, many family and friends are naturally inclined to give advice. We wanted to gently reflect this same tradition on our card.

Liz decided she would type as many tips as possible and use the text as the card’s background. You can do this on any word processing program you own. Liz, in fact, used Microsoft Powerpoint so she can easily manipulate the text and images. We used the “American Typewriter” font and lightened it to a charcoal gray. We also inserted tiny red hearts as spacing between each tip.

Next, we printed and glued this background text to a white 5 x 7 inch card. I believe we used fabric glue to avoid warping on the card (we are still on the hunt for the perfect crafting glue!)

Next, we wanted to add a beautiful three-dimensional object as the centerpiece of the card. We also knew that we wanted to keep it simple. In the end, we chose to make an elegant dress using iridescent pink origami paper. When held to the light, it transforms and shimmers into golds and oranges. With its hues of pink, the paper looks like the perfect sunset.

We cut the paper down to a square size. Using 7 x 7 or 6 x 6 inches of paper will work.

To make the dress, we watched this Princess Dress tutorial on Youtube,【折り紙】プリンセス達のドレス Princess dress.

Next, we added a simple “Congrats” sentiment from a Recollections stamping set purchased from Michael’s.

Here is the card from one perspective. The dress appears magenta from this angle.

Here is the final card. Oh, and before we forget to mention this, we added foam adhesives behind the top and middle part of the dress to give the dress a little bit of height and further dimension. It still fits in an envelope. From this perspective (and lighting) the dress turns from pink to various golds and oranges. The perfect dress to ride off in the sunset…happily ever after.

Have you ever used origami as part of your card project?

We wish you much love this week (and every week!)