Cards Fit for a Queen

“You can’t wear a crown with your head down” – Beyonce, from the trailer to her visual album Black is King.

Angie mentioned this quote the other day as these cards were being completed. That day, Liz also received an email that wives are to be “cherished and treated like a queen” from her Pastor. Talk about the timing of these two messages, which make these cards extra meaningful.

Ladies, keep looking up and out into the horizon.

You are game changers.

You are worth it.

So create modern cards for you or the queen in your life. Because she deserves to be cherished and appreciated for all she does and represents! In this “All Hail the Queen” series, we created three homemade cards using glitter paper. The cards we used for this project are 5 inches by 7 inches.

To make one, use your preferred method for cutting out alphabet letters. For instance we used the We R Memory Keepers Alphabet Punch Board to punch out both black construction paper and glitter letters.

The only letter we preferred to cut on our own is “N” because the punch board’s “N” looks more like the lowercase “n” than the uppercase one. So that is something to consider if you are thinking of purchasing this punch board. The instruction book to this tool is on a We R Memory Keepers page.

We used a variety of thick paper as well as thinner origami glitter paper to create fun backgrounds for these cards, including the rainbow strips and the crowns. We used a thicker magenta glitter paper to punch out mini hearts for the other card.

Rainbow Queen” Card. To make this card, we used origami paper and cut 1.5 inch strips. We glued it to the card as a base layer. We then used black glittery cardstock for the letters. Here are the benefits of using origami glitter paper:

  • The slight shift in color when holding the card is pretty. You can see the pinks and blues in different color strips below.
  • It’s thin, so it’s perfect to use as a background layer.
  • There is a variety of them!

The one con of using this origami glitter paper is that glue does not hold well on the surface . Forget the Elmer or basic glue sticks. We had to use fabric glue that we picked up from a dollar store to adhere the letters to the card. Would using small dots of hot glue gun work? That is something we are looking into for future cards using this material.

The “Queen of Hearts” Card. For the special someone in your life. To make this, simply cut out black matte letters. Then using a paper punch (or scissors, if you desire), cut out mini hearts on red or magenta glitter cardstock. Glue the letters and decorate the card with the hearts!

“A Crown of Gold” Card. For this modern card, we stenciled out 8 hexagrams. We cut the hexagrams in half to create 16 crowns on yellow origami paper (the glittery kind). We glued it to the card and used it as a background pattern. Next, we glued glittery black letterings to the foreground. We added red pearls to the first crown as if the “Q” in queen is wearing the crown. It added interest for sure! Feel free to use other mini-gems or pearls if you decide to make this.

The hardest part of this project to stop making more variations of this (we may show more later). We know a few siblings, sister-in-laws, moms, and aunties that deserve this card!

What unique and special cards have you made to honor queens in your life?

Neon Legos Bricks: A Birthday Card For Kids

Stepping on legos is the worst. Making neon paper legos, however, is the best! If you have time (watching Netflix, etc.) and have a need to make something at the same time, this is the card for you.

When Liz’s son asked her to make a card for one of his friends’ birthday (future birthday, mind you), this idea popped up. Many kids love legos. Why not make a homemade card? Sure, you can make red, yellow, green, and blue bricks. But neon colors looks waayyyy cool.

Neon cardstock paper.

To start, gather neon paper and cut it into 1-3 inch strips.

At this point in our crafting journey, we don’t have many tools. But we do have the We R Memory Keepers Alphabet Punch Board. If you have one, you can use it to cut small, even sized strips of paper. Otherwise you can cut out a small 2 x 3 inch rectangle (give or take) and cut it into several strips horizontally or vertically. In fact, do both. Make them in varying sizes for interest and diversity as legos come in different sizes. Also, it doesn’t have to be perfectly straight. You will be spacing them out on the card. Just do your best.

Next, comes the hardwork. This card is not entirely a fast project (You’re watching a movie in the background, remember?).

Grab a hole puncher (single, three hole punch, etc.) and cut out two types of paper dots:

  1. First, hole punch as many neon dots as you can for each color you are using. These paper dots will be the tops of our lego blocks. So punch a lot of dots.
  2. Next, it’s time to add dimension to the lego bricks. Dig into your scrapbooking paper or use scraps for this. Find a gray color or a duller color which is similar to your neon colors. For instance, if you are using neon orange, chose a duller color of orange (in this case, we used orange construction paper). We think this is some type of optical illusion, but when using these two tones of color together (bright and duller), the duller color starts to look gray. What we are trying to achieve here is shading. It gives the lego bricks dimension.

Now that you have your dots, glue the duller looking dots to the strips of neon paper. Try to lay the circles equidistant from each other. See above. If you have a tool to help pick up and arrange the tiny paper dots, now is the time to use it. Tip: we used crafting toothpicks to help pick these tiny dots up. You could dip it in candle wax and let it cool down. Here, we attached a rubber encasing—the kind that protects new gel pens but must be removed upon use. Has anyone done this?! We are proud of this hack.

Anyways, after you are done gluing the first layer of duller-colored dots, start gluing the neon color dots slightly off center. The key here, however, is to create dimension. So do not glue directly on top. Glue slightly off-center to create a shadow effect. Doing it this way makes the legos come alive and look three dimensional.

Making paper lego bricks and shading technique.

When you are done doing this, arrange the blocks on your card. When you’ve settled on a design. Glue it all down.

Arranging paper lego bricks.
Time to play. Our paper lego bricks are ready to be arranged!

Add a birthday sentiment on top.

Legos card and birthday sentiment.
Adding Birthday Sentient to a Lego Bricks or Blocks card.

Use any unused lego bricks and attach it to the card or add it inside to surprise its reader.

Inside the lego bricks card.

Here’s the final result! (Your Netflix movie is over hopefully).

Fun neon lego bricks card

If you created this card, let us know! Otherwise, do let us know: what is the brightest, loudest, and most colorful birthday card you’ve ever made?

How to Make Paper Roses For a Homemade Card

You will need: Circle stencils in a variety of sizes (or any items that have a round circumferance you can trace), red paper, scissors and glue.

This rose card can be sent to your mom, a loved one, or anyone who enjoys flowers. Once you know how to make roses, you can go forth and and design on top of any blank or upcycled card. Decorate with any pearl or gem stickers. Or keep it simple with a few roses.

The inspiration behind this card was a store-bought miniature rose that we kept alive on our patio (it’s tough!) In fact one more bud was able to grow into a rose. Who knows how long it will last. These flowers are finicky.

We wanted to make a cute paper rose. But we did not have a die cutter. So here’s one way to do it. Instructions are below.

Cut out Petals

  • Trace and Cut Out Petals. Trace and cut out at least 3-4 sizes of circles (small, medium, and large) from the paper of your choice. We used a stencil to do this. The example below uses 3 sizes. The sizes must be small enough to fit your card. For each size, cut out 4-5 circles.
  • Cut Circles into Crescent Shapes. To make a petal, take a circle and use your scissors to cut out a piece of the circle so it looks like a crescent moon. See the example below. Note: The leftover scraps can be used as petals for other types of flowers.

Making the Rose

  • Arrange the Bottom Layer of the Rose. To make the rose, start with the largest crescents and arrange them next next to each other in a circular layout. If you feel confident in the arrangement, you can glue the pieces together by slightly overlapping the ends of the petals on top of each other.
  • Arrange the Middle Layer of the Rose. Do the same with the medium sized petals. Arrange them in a circular layout. If you wish, arrange them on top of the larger petals you just assembled. Adjust the layout to your liking, covering any spaces by slightly overlapping if you must.
  • Arrange the Top Layer of the Rose. Last, arrange the smallest petals and lay on top of the medium sized petals. You can slightly overlap for more dimension.

Glue your arrangement together.

Our card was a little warped since we used the wrong type of glue. Lesson for next time.

Looking back, it would have been nice to have circular punches. If you do have punches of varying sizes, you can use them to easily make the rose petals. Nevertheless, you now know how to make roses for any card project.

And just for fun, here is the miniature rose that inspired it all:

If you made this rose, let us know! We’d love to see how you designed a card or project using this method. Something also tells us, we will probably use it to make another type of card or decorate a crafty box in the future. Ideas, ideas!

How to Make a Simple “Hello” Card

Adele: “Hello, it’s me….”

Lionel Ritchie: “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Regardless of which song you love (both!), there’s something about sending a homemade card just because you want to let the other person know you are thinking of them.

We love this “hello” card. We used an old stamp we found in Liz’s collection as the sentiment. Sorting through our cardstock, we decided to make a flower. Using our heart punch, we made petals using blue embossed paper and scrapbooking paper. We rounded the ends of the hearts and snipped the tops of the hearts using the We R Memory Keepers Alphabet Punch Board. You can use scissors to achieve the same effect.

We layered the paper and added a gem for interest and beauty.

Scrapbook Flower Made with Heart Punch
Don’t mind the iPhone reflection in the mirror-like gem.

We cut the shiny green stem from paper that teachers normally use to decorate bulletin boards. Liz had previously bought this paper from a discount dollar store years ago.

Liz found an old hummingbird sticker and attached it to the card.

We finally added a sun and cut out corners from polka-dot cardstock. Adding it to the sentiment created a balanced look.

Now we need to figure out who to send this “hello” card to!

A Card for Friends Who Brunch With You

Pancakes, french toast, coffee, tea (or chocolate milk), hash browns, and more. Who doesn’t love brunch on the weekend?

Here is a card we made “just because” we love brunch. As friends, we love to have brunch with family and friends. Brunchtime truly makes for the best conversations.

We don’t have many stamp sentiments. We like to upcycle cards and use scrapbook paper. So, since we didn’t have a relevant sentiment, we made one on a printer. We printed this rad sentiment, “Brunch Buds For Life” using Microsoft Word and regular copy paper. However, we now know not to use Elmer Glue on white copy paper for projects like this as it may leave indentations. You live and learn.

Next, we punched out a few white flowers from a few off-white cardstock scraps. We glued it against the white background. Then we noticed one of the white flowers was more white than usual and realized we used a different scrap. You live and learn, Part 2.

As far as details, check out these coffee mugs or cups and their handles. We used the We R Memory Keepers Alphabet Punch Board which you can use to cut out different shapes. Or you can make your own.

Brunch queens and kings need a crown. To make one, we used a snowflake punch. Punch out a snowflake and then cut it in half. It now looks like a crown! Add some gem or pearl stickers for interest and dimension.

Brunch pancakes and coffee make us feel like queens!

Maybe we will make this into a series. Or maybe it’s because it’s Saturday morning we are hungry.

Any brunch or breakfast addicts out there?