A Heart and Crown Birthday Card

A card made for a little princess in your life. This card was made using a glittered pineapple 4X6 card stock paper as the primary background. The crown was make using a golden snowflake punch-out cut in half. We settled on a foam green textured circle to center the fuchsia glittered paper heart. We addedContinue reading “A Heart and Crown Birthday Card”

A Silhouette of Lavender Flowers For You

This post is an ode to Lavender. Calming and relaxing. And even more fragrant when dried. So let’s capture a little piece of lavender today. Here, we combine two techniques on a card: Crafting a paper silhouette of a lavender bouquet Adding a dyed background For many months now, we had been keeping a smallContinue reading “A Silhouette of Lavender Flowers For You”

Exhibit on a Card: How We Made This Abstract Art Piece

All that pretty paper, and nowhere to go? That’s exactly the sentiment we had last weekend when we pulled out our craft stash. Indeed, after months of crafting, we found ourselves with bountiful bags and bits of beautiful paper scraps. In various sizes, no less. Every crafter’s dilemma. That’s when the idea hit: let’s findContinue reading “Exhibit on a Card: How We Made This Abstract Art Piece”