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Our First Cards

Home Cards Made With Love

When we started making our own cards, we started with supplies we had at home. We learned anyone can create a card if they are feeling up to it. Gather spare greeting cards, stickers, paper punches (even hole punchers) and construction or patterned paper. Find some scissors and glue. Then just do it!

Yes, there’s just something about a homemade card that makes you remember the person. It’s special and unique. And it’s made with love :).

So when we started making homemade cards, we started off with a minimalist vibe to it. We played around with patterns, stickers, textures, and layers. Here are a few photos. So really, get started today. Happy Crafting!

We used blank cards we had lying around (from Target). We dressed it up with stickers. Love these hummingbird stickers from a dollar store!
We used a hole punch to create black and gold circles. . Are these flowers or animal prints? We stamped a sentiment “Thank You!
Cut out two hearts. Or use a paper punch. Attach the ends and make butterflies!

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