How to Feature Magnolia Flowers on Cards

Hi friends. It may be a while, but can we make it up to you by sending you flowers? How about Magnolias on a card? OH. SO. PRETTY. We created a “Magnolia Series” comprising of three homemade cards on A6 brown kraft cardstock. Because these cards are about 4 inches by 6 inches, they areContinue reading “How to Feature Magnolia Flowers on Cards”

How to Make a Gratitude Owl Card

This 10-step tutorial will show you how to make a homemade owl card from start to finish. This greeting card is for all the teachers, mentors, and loved ones who have made a difference. If you are heading back to school or want to thank someone for their influence in your life, this is theContinue reading “How to Make a Gratitude Owl Card”

Weekend Card Making Adventures: All Occasion Cards, Thank You Cards and Upcycling

It’s a free Saturday afternoon so let’s craft because… well, do we really need a reason? Here are some of our creations from a few weekends ago. This “Thank You” card was made using a blank cardboard/chipboard card. We glued burlap to the card and then added a sparkly banner as our background. We foundContinue reading “Weekend Card Making Adventures: All Occasion Cards, Thank You Cards and Upcycling”

Different Thank You Cards

Do you love receiving personalized “Thank You” cards? We love making them! Here are photos of cards we made for coworkers. It was part of a larger project in which Angie added a box of goodies for the team. This box contained a succulent plant, some snacks and some small gifts. We completed the cardsContinue reading “Different Thank You Cards”