Card Making · Thank You

Thank You Cards + Gift Box

Do you love receiving personalized “Thank You” cards? We love making them!

Here are photos of cards we made for some coworkers. Making cards was just one part of a larger project. Angie also chose to assemble a box of goodies for the team at work. Each box contained a succulent plant, some snacks and other small gifts.

We completed the cards and the project boxes in one afternoon.

For supplies, we used various scrapbooking paper, textured cardstock, stamps, paper punches, stickers and washi tape.

We layered papers and added stickers to create more dimension and visual interest.

You can create easy backgrounds just using strips of washi tape. In the above card, before we added the stamped sentiment, we covered the entire card with washi tape we purchased from Michael’s. It ended up looking like a quilt of positive sayings!

For other cards, we kept it simple and minimalistic.

Now it’s time to put the project gift together!

We chose these succulent and cactus plants and added them to some tins we purchased at Michael’s. We then added the card to the box so when it was opened, you see it. See below for the final look!

Employee gift box with an attached thank you card

We are always trying to think of ways to attach or enhance a gift .

What are are other unique ways to present a homemade card in or on a gift?

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