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How to Feature Magnolia Flowers on Cards

Using textured resume paper or off-white textured paper to create flower petals for magnolia cards.

Hi friends. It may be a while, but can we make it up to you by sending you flowers? How about Magnolias on a card? OH. SO. PRETTY.

We created a “Magnolia Series” comprising of three homemade cards on A6 brown kraft cardstock. Because these cards are about 4 by 6 inches, they are petite. These cards are the perfect size note cards to say “thank you” or “I’m thinking of you”.

Homemade magnolia cards.  Magnolias by the moonlight, a magnolia flower basket, and a magnolia flower with patterned paper.

We recommend using textured paper for the magnolia paper petals. Texture adds more interest and dimension to a homemade card. Here we used off-white resume paper. Resume paper is thinner than cardstock and gives flowers a delicate and dainty presence on the card.

Making magnolia flowers out of textured resume paper for a homemade card.

To start, use your scissors and cut petals out from your textured paper. You can do this by cutting out shapes that look like leaves. Keep in mind, these petals do not have to be a perfect shape. Nature does not always produce perfect petals. And often, imperfection is what gives life beauty. However, try to cut the petals similar in size.

For the first card we made, we used scrapbook paper and ribbon. We absolutely fell in love with this pattern of navy blue birds. We also used a strip of navy embossed paper to the bottom of the card. Next, we added some gold ribbon for added elegance. Finally, we added a giant magnolia flower as a focal point. We did this by cutting out large petals from the textured resume paper and gluing them down in a radial pattern. Finally, we added a round, glittery yellow circle to the middle of the flower.

Navy and off-white card with magnolia flower and gold ribbon.  Patterned paper with navy blue birds.

For our second card, we decided to make a simple basket of magnolias. We wanted the flower basket to be a central focus of the card so we did not add a background. To start this card, we first found a piece of scrapbook paper that had an an image of crocheted threads on it. We cut out the paper in the shape of a half circle. Viola! A flower pot or basket!

Next, we cut small petals from our textured resume paper and arranged each flower in a radial pattern. We then glued each flower to the basket.

Forming magnolia flowers out of textured paper and making a flower basket for a homemade card.

Of course we glued on glittered dots to the middle of each flower. Simple, earthy, and cute!

A homemade card made of scrapbook paper and resume paper to form a group of magnolias in a flower basket.  A simple and earthy homemade card.

Our third card is our boldest card of the three. We call this card “Magnolias by the moonlight.”

How to make paper magnolias using textured paper for petals.

To begin, we cut out petals from the textured resume paper. We slightly overlapped five of the petals so it looked like you were viewing or spotting the flowers from its side. We made nine magnolia flowers.

Next we decided to add a full moon to the card. We found some scrapbook paper that had a faint map of roads and some form of transportation routes. We admired this faded gray look and thought it would make the moon an interesting image to look at it. Are those cracks in the moon? Or a romantic destination?

How to make an interesting full moon by cutting out a circle from scrapbook paper with the image of a map route or transportation route.

After adding the moon to the card, we traced tree branches from black construction paper. Construction paper looks and feels more soft to the touch than cardstock. As soft as moonlight. : )

Next, we glued this tree to the earthy brown kraft A6 sized-card. We arranged and glued our nine magnolia flowers on the tree. The off-white magnolias created a very stunning contrast against the black branches and the large gray moon. No additional background needed!

To finish the card, we glued silver rhinestones to reflect a starry sky. In the end, we realized there was a lot of real and perceived texture to this card. We feel this combination makes it a real special and interesting card for its recipient!

Textured cream colored Magnolias on black branches with a full moon and rhinestone stars.

If you need more card ideas that use flowers other than daisies, roses and sunflowers, why not try paper magnolias?

Three homemade cards with magnolias in a basket, against a patterned paper, and a magnolia tree in moonlight.
A set of homemade magnolia flower cards made from paper, ribbons, rhinestones, and glittered dots.

Do you have a favorite flower?

Please let us know what flower we should feature next!

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