How to Make a Gratitude Owl Card

This 10-step tutorial will show you how to make a homemade owl card from start to finish. This greeting card is for all the teachers, mentors, and loved ones who have made a difference. If you are heading back to school or want to thank someone for their influence in your life, this is theContinue reading “How to Make a Gratitude Owl Card”

How to Make a Simple “Hello” Card

Adele: “Hello, it’s me….” Lionel Ritchie: “Hello, is it me you’re looking for? Regardless of which song you love (both!), there’s something about sending a homemade card just because you want to let the other person know you are thinking of them. We love this “hello” card. We used an old stamp we found inContinue reading “How to Make a Simple “Hello” Card”

A Card for Friends Who Brunch With You

Pancakes, french toast, coffee, tea (or chocolate milk), hash browns, and more. Who doesn’t love brunch on the weekend? Here is a card we made “just because” we love brunch. As friends, we love to have brunch with family and friends. Brunchtime truly makes for the best conversations. We don’t have many stamp sentiments. WeContinue reading “A Card for Friends Who Brunch With You”