A Card for Friends Who Brunch With You

Pancakes, french toast, coffee, tea (or chocolate milk), hash browns, and more. Who doesn’t love brunch on the weekend?

Here is a card we made “just because” we love brunch. As friends, we love to have brunch with family and friends. Brunchtime truly makes for the best conversations.

We don’t have many stamp sentiments. We like to upcycle cards and use scrapbook paper. So, since we didn’t have a relevant sentiment, we made one on a printer. We printed this rad sentiment, “Brunch Buds For Life” using Microsoft Word and regular copy paper. However, we now know not to use Elmer Glue on white copy paper for projects like this as it may leave indentations. You live and learn.

Next, we punched out a few white flowers from a few off-white cardstock scraps. We glued it against the white background. Then we noticed one of the white flowers was more white than usual and realized we used a different scrap. You live and learn, Part 2.

As far as details, check out these coffee mugs or cups and their handles. We used the We R Memory Keepers Alphabet Punch Board which you can use to cut out different shapes. Or you can make your own.

Brunch queens and kings need a crown. To make one, we used a snowflake punch. Punch out a snowflake and then cut it in half. It now looks like a crown! Add some gem or pearl stickers for interest and dimension.

Brunch pancakes and coffee make us feel like queens!

Maybe we will make this into a series. Or maybe it’s because it’s Saturday morning we are hungry.

Any brunch or breakfast addicts out there?

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