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Origami Cupcake Birthday Card

I love discovering origami designs that can be placed on a homemade card. This origami cupcake fold is an interesting add-on to birthday cards.

You can find so many tutorials online for this origami cupcake so we aren’t including it here for now. We used double sided cardstock paper for this cupcake. We glued the completed origami cupcake to the card and cut out a candle flame from yellow textured scrapbook paper. Finally, we added the gold confetti stars (from a paper punch) for an extra special touch. Cute and interesting, right?

As far as the sentiment, for this birthday card, we decided to additionally upcycle the sentiment “There’s Joy In Her Laughter” from a never-used card. We were able to hand deliver this card to the birthday recipient!

I think this is the first time we used origami in our card making adventures! Consider this a first of many to come. Maybe we should look into other types of flat origami shapes that can be attached to cards.

Stars? Hearts? Teacups?

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