A Heart and Crown Birthday Card

A card made for a little princess in your life. This card was made using a glittered pineapple 4X6 card stock paper as the primary background. The crown was make using a golden snowflake punch-out cut in half. We settled on a foam green textured circle to center the fuchsia glittered paper heart. We addedContinue reading “A Heart and Crown Birthday Card”

Neon Legos Bricks: A Birthday Card For Kids

Stepping on legos is the worst. Making neon paper legos, however, is the best! If you have time (watching Netflix, etc.) and have a need to make something at the same time, this is the card for you. When Liz’s son asked her to make a card for one of his friends’ birthday (future birthday,Continue reading “Neon Legos Bricks: A Birthday Card For Kids”

Origami Cupcake Birthday Card

For this birthday card, we decided to upcycle the sentiment “There’s Joy In Her Laughter” from a never-used card. We think this card looks interesting because of the origami cupcake. I think it’s the first time we used origami in our card making adventures. Consider this a first draft. Anyways, you can find so manyContinue reading “Origami Cupcake Birthday Card”

Upcycled Unicorn Birthday Card

You can upcycle old cards, gift bags, or paper and create a homemade card. Here is an upcycled card by Angie. We found an old giftbag that had the words in gold, “You Are Magical!” on it with a unicorn image printed on it. She cut out and glued the phrase on the front ofContinue reading “Upcycled Unicorn Birthday Card”