A Heart and Crown Birthday Card

Card with glittered paper, crown, and gemstones.

A card made for a little princess in your life.

Pineapple glittered card stock paper.

This card was made using a glittered pineapple 4X6 card stock paper as the primary background. The crown was make using a golden snowflake punch-out cut in half. We settled on a foam green textured circle to center the fuchsia glittered paper heart. We added rosy gemstones for an added pop of bling. Go bling or go home!

White ink Happy Birthday sentiment. Glittered golden punch out flowers.

We decided to use a white ink “Happy Birthday” sentiment surrounded by golden glitter punch-out flowers to carry texture and sparkle to the inside the card. We sent this card out before her birthday and it helped make this little princess’s day. If you are thinking of giving a card to your daughter or a special girl between the ages of 4 and 8 years, this is a perfect card to send. Who knows, this may inspire her to send you a home-made card back! Tell us what you think.

Published by Liz and Angie

Two friends who started crafting! We enjoy making homemade cards, post recipes and garden. Follow us on our journey and learn with us!

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