Layering Paper Hearts

Cardstock hearts and joy sentiment

Hearts bring joy to any homemade card. Made with love, always!

Try layering different textures of paper hearts to create an impact. Here is an example that Liz made. She used a heart paper punch and made hearts from different scraps of paper. If you don’t have a punch, simply cut out symmetrical hearts from folding a paper in half and cutting one side of the heart.

Liz then chose some hearts and glued them to white cardstock (I believe we got it from Michael’s but added burlap to it). She started layering hearts and even used foam adhesives to elevate some of the hearts. Foam adhesives give the look a three-dimensional feel. The card looks like it’s bursting with hearts!

Finally, she used a stamp to add a sentiment to the card and glued it to brown paper (thin crafting cardboard).

We think it brings us joy.

What would you layer to add a dynamic feel to a card?

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