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Homemade Cards Fit for a Queen

“You can’t wear a crown with your head down” – Beyoncé, from the trailer to her visual album Black is King.

Sometimes, it’s the spoken and written words that inspire our card designs. For one, Angie mentioned this quote that week. Liz received an email that wives are to be “cherished and treated like a queen” from her Pastor. The timing of of these two messages make these cards extra meaningful.

Ladies, keep looking up and out into the horizon.

You are game changers.

You are worth it.

So create modern cards for you or the queen in your life. Because she deserves to be cherished and appreciated for all she does and represents! In this “All Hail the Queen” series, we created three homemade cards using glitter paper. The cards we used for this project are 5×7 inches.

To make one, use your preferred method for cutting out alphabet letters. For instance we used the We R Memory Keepers Alphabet Punch Board to punch out both black construction paper and glitter letters. It’s a fun way to paper punch letters if you don’t have a die cut machine and metal dies (hopefully that is future purchase!)

The only letter we preferred to cut on our own is “N” because the punch board’s “N” looks more like the lowercase “n” than the uppercase one. So that is something to consider if you are thinking of purchasing this punch board. The instruction book to this tool is on a We R Memory Keepers page.

We used a variety of thick paper as well as thinner origami glitter paper to create fun backgrounds for these cards, including the colorful strips and the crowns. We used a thicker magenta glitter paper to punch out mini hearts for the other card.

Rainbow Queen” Card. To make this card, we used origami paper and cut 1.5 inch strips. We glued it to the card as a base layer. We then used black glittery cardstock for the letters. Here are the benefits of using origami glitter paper:

  • The slight shift in color when holding the card is pretty. You can see the pinks and blues in different color strips below.
  • It’s thin, so it’s perfect to use as a background layer.
  • There is a variety of them! Check Amazon!

The one con of using this origami glitter paper is that glue does not hold well on the surface . Forget the Elmer or basic glue sticks. We had to use fabric glue that we picked up from a dollar store to adhere the letters to the card. Would using small dots of hot glue gun work? That is something we are looking into for future cards using this material.

The “Queen of Hearts” Card. For the special someone in your life who is strong and compassionate. To make this, simply cut out black matte letters. We used a heart paper punch on magenta glitter paper to create these small hearts. Glue the letters and decorate the card with the hearts!

A Crown of Gold” Card. For this fun modern card, we stenciled out 8 hexagrams. We cut the hexagrams in half to create 16 crowns on yellow origami paper (the glittery kind). We glued it to the card and used it as a background pattern. Next, we glued glittery black letterings to the foreground. We added red pearls to the first crown as if the “Q” in queen is wearing the crown. It added interest for sure! Feel free to use other mini-gems or pearls if you decide to make this.

The hardest part of this project to stop making more variations of this (we may show more later). We know a few siblings, sister-in-laws, moms, and aunties that deserve this card!

What unique and special cards have you made to honor queens in your life?

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