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A Card Dedicated to a Dog Named Bruno

To a gentle, loving and loyal dog named Bruno.

Bruno is a peaceful and loving dog owned by two of our friends from church. Every time we saw Bruno, he displayed such calm and gentle behavior. Whether he was at the beach or lounging at a picnic. He was really special. Just a great companion all around. We wanted to dedicate this card to him.

To make it, we used the following supplies: circle and heart punches, embossed cardstock, glitter cardstock, gems and stamps.

We used the heart punch to punch a white and grey heart for the center the face. We then used various-sized circle punches to punch out full circles, half moons and crescent moons in grey, white, and off-white cardstock. You can create so much by overlapping circles and crescents. Layering these cut-outs gives texture and dimension to Bruno’s face and fur.

We used some small scraps of white paper we had kept around from a previous project to add “kawaii eyes” to Bruno. Kawaii is a type of cute drawing style that is seen in Japanese anime or pictures. The result is a playful, curious look.

Next, we added a glittery black nose and a pink mouth.

Finally, we glued gems to the background and added a “Sending Love” stamped sentiment.

Big hugs to you Bruno!

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